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This page show few of the data we recorded during Monday 2010-07-19 and Tuesday 2010-07-19. The white balance and gain control of the LB3 were in automatic mode. The image resolution was (for the demo page) intentionally reduced. One LB3 image has 2MPix - 1200×1600 pixels and LB3 has 6 such cameras.

The images may look dark on the screen but the texture is still there.

Capturing CTU yard

first outdoor capturing with Ladybug3 on Monday 2010-07-19

Video: 20100719_ctu_lb3.avi. LB3 is handheld by Karel. His back in white T-shirt is visible.

Capturing carwrecks at boneyard

Prag boneyard at Klamovka, Podbelohorka street on Tuesday 2010-07-20

Very narrow passage ways, very dark place in reality
Video: 20100720_vrak4_video.aviVideo: 20100720_panovideo.avi
More open space, some wounded persons
Video: 2010720_vrak2_video.aviVideo: 20100720_vrak2_pano_video.avi
Both wounded and walking persons around
Video: 20100720_vrak3_video.aviVideo: 20100720_vrak3_panovideo.avi

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