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Media coverage


  • Czech TV "Zprávičky" - “News for kids”, CT:D children channel, part of a programme with various parts, one of which is always dedicated to technical things.
  • Czech TV "Wifina" - “The Wifi”, CT:D children channel, report in a news relation dedicated to kids.
  • Barrandov TV "Naše zprávy" - “The News”, the main news relation (about time 24:07).


  • Czech TV "Lovci zahad" - Mystery hunters, CT:D channel, a science popularization series (9/18 - part Usvit kyborgu - Raise of the cyborgs), relevant part about NIFTi robot.
  • Czech National Broadcasting: robots will help after accidents or natural disasters. In Czech, EU NIFTi project explicitly mentioned and several NIFTi stories told.


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