inso - node for INS/ODOMETRY data fusion.

What it does

The INSO node fuses inertial and odometry measurements estimating position and orientation in space. Its outputs are a ROS TF message transforming /odom/base_link and an /imu_odom topic. Currently, there are two more topics, but those are intended for testing and tuning and will be disabled soon.

How is it launched

The INSO node is launched using inso inso.launch file. The INSO node expects inertial measurements and odometry measurements available on specified topics. After launching, the robot must stay still until a Calibration finished message appears. The calibration takes 15 seconds. Until this time, no transformations or messages are published by inso (other nodes may complain about missing transformations, e.g. nifti_mapping nodes will miss transformation from /odom to /base_link, that is nominal behaviour)

I need more information about the published topics

All the published topics and created log files are described in this brief document: inso_overview.pdf

I want to see the code with some documentation

I want to complain

Please contact Vladimir Kubelka

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