Reference tracking system for a skid steer robot

reference tracking system for a skid steer robot - a set of MATLAB tools to extract robot position from a video sequence and to synchronize it with the internal ROS timestamps



CMP SVN: svn+ssh://



Report: reference_tech_report.pdf

Report (czech): reference_cz_report.pdf

User Manual: reference_manual.pdf

Demo Video (XviD codec): reff_sys_demo_v0.6_xvid.avi

Demo Video (DivX codec): reff_sys_demo_v0.6_divx.avi

Brief system description

The reference tracking system was developed for the NiFTI robot odometry system performance verification as a Prace v tymu a jeji organizace A3M99PTO course semester project. It uses a single video camera to track the robot movement in a plane. A distinct colored marker must be attached to the robot to be tracked. The tracker can also determine the robot azimuth given the target contains two differently colored areas.

Report a bug

Please contact Vladimir Kubelka

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